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Before submitting an abstract/paper or attending student competitions, you should create an account firstly. Please click here or the button ’Create an Account’ on the right side.
After the successful registration, you can login your account via the button ’Login’ on the homepage or on the right side.

How to Submit an Abstract/Paper

If you want to submit a Regular Abstract/Paper, please visit ‘How to Submit an Abstract/Paper’ for more details.

How to Attend Student Competitions

If you want to attend Student Innovation Competitions, please visit ‘How to Attend Student Competitions’ for more details.

How to Check Review Status

If you want to check the status of your abstract/paper, et al., you can login your account, enter the ‘User Center’ and go to 'Submission Center'. You can check the status of your Abstract or Title in the 'Review Status' Column in the 'Abstract List/Title List'. Similarly, you can check the status of your full paper or technical report in the 'Review Status' Column in the 'Paper List/Technical Report List'.

Author Resources

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     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

     Poster Template

     Student Innovation Competition (SPC and STC)

     Technical Report Guidelines for Student Technology Innovation Competition (STC)

     Conference Announcement of ICPVT-14 


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